patchwork - documentation



In the Summer of 2017, I created a site-specific installation for the storefront of Main Street Quilting Company in Bozeman, Montana as a part of Waterworks' "Upstream" installation art festival.

For "patchwork", I collected digital video footage at 7 water sites in and around Bozeman, Montana. The images of light reflecting off of water were stitched together digitally as quilt block patterns. Rather than fabric, these quilt blocks are made with the moving textures of water from each location. Footage from each of the seven locations make up seven unique blocks using 3 or 4 video files from each given place. An eighth block pattern combines 13 video files (at least 1 from each of the seven locations) to create a single composition.

Using a still image from the "Log Cabin" quilt block pattern that used images from all 7 sites, a physical quilt was created as a digital print. That quilt and the video files were displayed in the window of Main Street Quilting Company.