patchwork - Pointed Star



"Pointed Star" combines video recorded at Missouri Headwaters State Park - where the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers combine to form Missouri River. The confluence of these rivers has been an important cultural site for thousands of years.

This composition is one of eight that make up "patchwork," a site-specific artwork conceived and designed for display at Main Street Quilting Company in Bozeman, Montana as a part of Mountain Time Arts' "Upstream" site-specific art installation exhibition.

The artist gathered video footage of the different textures and colors of water at 7 locations in the Gallatin Valley (in and near Bozeman) and used the footage to create video quilt blocks. Quilt blocks are the geometric patterns used to piece together the designs of quilts. The video footage replaces traditional fabric to tell weave together different histories, uses, and interactions the community has with water.