light & water


Hala o Honaunau 2021 digital video


Multiple copies of a single video clip captured at the Hyalite Dam south of Bozeman, Montana create this composition inspired by indigenous Blackfeet beadwork designs. The area that is now shaped by a dam built in the 1940's was undoubtedly once a regu…


Digital video footage capturing the futuristic lighting in a decorative fountain at a mall in Tunis, Tunisia is used to create a modern moving video fabric design inspired by the silk scarves on display in the city's ancient medina (an Unesco World Her…


Footage captured in the irrigation canals of the Yakima Valley are used to create this Native American trading post inspired blanket design.


This series matches waters polluted by plastics with the barcodes of the products washed ashore by the tides.


Inspired by Hawaiian style quilts, these patterns combine native plant species and video footage of local waters.


the gravity of light | 2018 | two-channel digital video installation (1:30 loop)


Digital video footage is formatted to appear as moving wallpaper.



2013 68” x 24” x 20” wood, water, light, optics, modified microfilm viewer, plastic $5000 A modified microfilm viewer projects the movement of oil on the surface of water from a 3 inch Petri-dish to a 6 foot diameter spot light on the wall.


Video footage of water traveling the Coosa River near Gadsden, Alabama plays on a video screen. A flask of water from the river sits on top. The heat and light of the screen evaporates some water while also fueling the growth of microorganisms.