Seattle Art Museum's SAM Lights

Immemorial is a new work that will act as a monument to timeless moments of the past, present, and future. Digitally capturing reflections of water, Behrle cast… more

Radios & Camera in Neural

The Radios & Camera series was recently reviewed in Neural, a critical digital culture and media arts publication out of Bari, Italy. Check out the 2016 Winter… more

#americancultureis visits hydrodome

While installing hydrodome at The Prichard Art Gallery in Moscow, Idaho, I was asked to discuss my project and how visual art plays a role in what #americancult… more


Digital technologies are used to capture light in nature and displace moments in time.

light & water

Light, filtered through moving water, fills space with movement in light and shadow.

radios & cameras

Old radio cabinets and cutting edge technologies are combined to explore what sound looks like and light sounds like.

earth, water, & time

Natural elements are used to investigate the relativity of time in large scale time-based installations.